In season two, I will be exploring the topic of prayer and sharing insights and practical tips for developing a strong prayer practice. I am calling this season Even Deeper in Prayer. Each episode will feature engaging conversations with experts in the field, as well as personal stories and reflections from me.

Season 2

Steering Toward Sctipure
For Season One of the David Donnan Podcast we are looking at ways to “steer toward scripture”. The David Donnan podcast was created to help develop resources for a life of faith in Jesus Christ.

I am very excited to be starting the David Donnan podcast. My goal or mission statement for the podcast is this: The David Donnan Podcast was created to develop resources for a life of faith in Jesus Christ.

As a pastor, sometimes I get questions on similar topics again and again. My podcast is simply a repository for some great conversations I hopefully will be able to point people to over a career in ministry.

One of the topics that comes up quite a bit is “How can I read the Bible?”. For the first season I will be focusing on how can we, people who follow Jesus, steer our lives towards scripture.

You can listen on iTunes, Libsyn, or coming soon to Google Play.


Do you have a question about the Bible? Let me know in the comments below.

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