Insights from the Radical Wesley

February 28, 2018

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I just finished reading the Radical Wesley by Howard Snyder. This book is an overview of John Wesley’s ministry and methods. Snyder also offers how we can apply some of Wesley to church today.

My key takeaway was this: According to Snyder, Wesley’s secret sauce in ministry was discipline and accountability for his followers. It seems Wesley focused on holding the early Methodists accountable through threat of expulsion from the small group. He was able to balance the grace of Jesus with the high standards of his small groups without becoming legalistic.

I think this quote by Snyder summarizes the book:

Commitment to Christ, no matter how sincere, has a way of evaporating with time if not tied to and reinforced by specific commitments and disciplines which undergird the corporate experience of the Christian community. (p.161)

I do not think this high accountability is around in large supply today…maybe it should be.

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