My Terrifying Team Speech

February 29, 2020


My First Team Speech Graphic

This past week I had my first speech with a local baseball team I am coaching. The church I work at is sponsoring the team and I am the coach. So I guess you could say I am the coach, owner, and general manager? The team is the Twin City United Methodist Angels. Here is what I prepared to tell these four and five-year-olds at our first practice (please read in a Jon Gruden voice).

“Now I know you think since you are on a team called the angels we might be cute and fun… but let me tell something. In the Bible when angels showed up it freaked people out. The angel told Mary, “Don’t be afraid”. When Zachariah saw an angel, the angel took his voice for questioning him. When the shepherds in the field saw the angels on the night Jesus was born… they … were … terrified…

We are not coming out on this field to make the other team feel good… we are here to terrify them! Everybody put your hand in here. Terrify on three.”

OK, well maybe we didn’t start out like this.

We did, however have a fun practice that started with us all sharing our favorite cartoons, fielding, and batting.

Maybe we are going to be more fun and fundamentals focused rather than Biblical visions of angels.

This is post #3 in my Forty Posts of Lent Challenge

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