Faith and the Coronavirus

March 1, 2020

Faith and the Coronavirus

How should people of Christian faith respond to the coronavirus? It is has been the top story in the news. It understandably has people anxious. Here are three thoughts on how to respond.

  1. Respond cautiously optimistic. We are in yet another long line of things to kill us all! From SARS, to MERS, to Ebola, we have had a long recent history of being keenly aware of the latest biological threat. In light of all humanity has overcome, I am choosing to remain optimistic about the latest cause for concern. Yet, remaining optimistic does not mean ignoring what is happening. I think it means we try not to let worry dominate us.
  2. Respond prudently realistic. We may get sick. Let’s do everything we can to stay healthy and limit germ exposure. The majority of deaths will be from those who have an underlying health condition. It seems like the best advice is hygienic, like washing your hands. I worked in a hospital for awhile. I made washing my hands a game. See how long you can scrub those germs off. If I remember right, we were suppose to sing Happy Birthday three times while scrubbing. It ruined the song for me.
  3. Stay vigilantly faithful. Our faith will not be in our cleaning abilities (although you should try to keep clean hands). Our faith is in Jesus. With this we should be vigilant about how God wants to use his people during this time. How is God calling us to love our neighbor? Is it to let them know you will be there for them if they are sick? Is it to show confidence in the face of a global virus? Is it to donate to an organization helping those with the virus? Let’s stay vigilant on ways God may use our church and us individually.

This is post #4 in my Forty Posts of Lent Challenge.

2 Responses to “Faith and the Coronavirus”

  1. Faith , hope , Love truly makes a difference when it comes to overcoming our fears . I work in healthcare & everyone is scared & the mass paranoia is escalating but faith indeed will calm our storms .

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