How to Use Your Phone for Worship

March 24, 2020

This past Sunday my church had it’s first ever online worship service. God stretched our technology muscles for His glory.

One thing we did was ask church members to film them self saying the Apostles Creed, The Lord’s prayer, or reading the scripture.

We have got some great response but also some questions. I made a tutorial video on best practices when filming yourself. Enjoy and please feel free to copy this idea for your church during these times.

Grapich for Cell Phone Worship

Here is the graphic we are using to invite people to participate.

This is post number #10 in my 40 posts of Lent challenge.

One Response to “How to Use Your Phone for Worship”

  1. […] It is easier to add other videos into the worship service. We have been asking people to record themselves saying prayers, creeds, scriptures, and singing onto their phones and send it to me. This would be possible to incorporate into a live stream but much more […]

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