#1 Secret to Save Time While Traveling This Summer

June 5, 2021

Want to save time and money while traveling this summer? Here is the secret that my family uses: we pack our own lunches. Here are three reasons this has become even more helpful this summer.

#1 You Save Time

Right now businesses all over the country are facing labor shortages. I even saw one friend who wasn’t able to get any food on a road trip because all the fast food restaurants had closed early in the day due to labor shortages. This also has meant that when restaurants are open there are long lines.

Are you headed out on a road trip or to a park this summer? Then bring your own food for you and your family. During a recent visit to a water park and a theme park we saw people waiting over an hour for burgers and fries. Even if you have to go out of the park to a cooler in your vehicle it will save you time in many circumstances.

#2 You Save Money

This is simple. If you make something at home it will most likely be significantly cheaper than buying at in a park or at a restaurant. Who doesn’t like to save a little money?

#3 You Will Feel Better

Does anyone really feel better after eating fast food? Seriously, how do you feel after eating a huge cheese burger vs. eating a chicken wrap and carrots?

Make the Most of Your Time

We all work so hard. Make the most of your travel and time with family. Spend a few minutes the day before you leave and pack a delicious lunch so save time, money, and feel better.

One Response to “#1 Secret to Save Time While Traveling This Summer”

  1. Jim Morrow said

    We love doing this. We did it on our trip to Washington DC and Legoland. Then, if you’d like, you can put a few dollars towards a tasty treat. It’s a super good tactic.

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