@ the Movies Series

February 10, 2011

Our most recent series @ the movies was a ton of fun. We had move posters on stage, a pop corn machine, and of course some amazing videos. Check it out:

am i listening?

February 23, 2010

I love my major. Learning in Communication Arts allows us to learn to think critically and then spit out our ideas of whatever the topic or situation is. It allows us to communicate to the world what we think. And so it helps us in this world we live in where we are suppose to constantly put “what we think” out there. The most popular websites are sites like twitter (you can read mine at the bottom of this page), facebook, and blogs. My question is do we ever really stop to listen? Or are we getting just enough info to fill 140 characters?

There is so much noise around. Ask yourself, am I really hearing anything through all of it? And am I only adding to it?

Forgotten God Review

December 20, 2009

This past semester i had the opportunity to read a lot. One of the best books i read was Forgotten God by Francis Chan. It’s his second novel following the big hit Crazy Love.

i wanted to blog about it because it can be a great resource for someone leading a small group. There is also a study DVD you can purchase. The book focuses on our neglect of the holy spirit. And out of the Trinity, He does get the least credit. This book is a great way for someone interested in learning more about how to “live out faith” and continue to transform life.

A small group is a great way to have life change. You can get together with friends and read a chapter together. i’ve been blessed to learn a lot in some great services but real life change has happened for me in the context of small groups. And life change through Him is what it’s all about baby! Life is so busy and noisy (even with all the noise in my head) i encourage to think about joining a small group to help cut through it all.