Hey everybody,

Remember that nursery rhyme the Farmer in the Dell? It was a simple little rhyme that taught us so much about the process of farming, economy, and life. The Bible is full of examples drawn from agriculture. Jesus knew that it would connect and resonate with so many people.

This summer during Sunday School, we will be taking a look at some the things we should be growing in our life and decide how to yield the biggest harvest.

Current Series Lego Life

February 22, 2011

Do you remember playing with Legos as a child? I can remember spending hours building, creating, and having a good time. One of my favorite parts was actually building Legos. You got these really cool directions that showed you how to do everything one step at a time. Even if it was a long process to build, having the ability to see things coming together was enough of a rush to keep you going. Wouldn’t it be cool if our faith was that way? Sometimes it doesn’t seem like that is happening. We feel like everything was coming together, but for some reason we hit a spiritual wall. I’m looking forward to this Sunday as we talk about what happens when get frustrated in faith and how we can expect God to still be there for us.

@ the Movies Series

February 10, 2011

Our most recent series @ the movies was a ton of fun. We had move posters on stage, a pop corn machine, and of course some amazing videos. Check it out: