August 3, 2009

Work hard and become a leader;

be lazy and become a slave.

Proverbs 12:24 (NLT)

This Thursday concluded my first football camp as head middle school coach at Bulloch Academy. At the end of every camp we pass out t-shirts that have a theme that has something to do with the camp or the season that lays ahead. For this year I chose the above verse from proverbs. It is so significant to what I want to teach out at Bulloch Academy.

We can chose to be leaders or slaves. We have a decision every day to be dominated by the things around us in ways that influence us in directions we do not even understand as it is happening. We can choose to be slaves to the things around us or we can choose go the opposite way. The good thing about most proverbs is they give us an either or choice. This verse tells that instead of being lazy we can work hard and become leaders.

This applies so much to one of the life lessons I’ve learned through football. We can work hard and be/become leaders on the football field, class room, and in our community. Jesus came so that we can have life and life to the fullest (John 10:10). I have been so blessed to have great coaches and pastors that have helped me to understand this. I just hope to pass it along.