Listening in Lent: Sermon Series Eavesdrop

February 28, 2017

Eavesdrop Lent Sermon Series 2017 Logo.jpg

Have you ever listened in on someone else’s conversation? Maybe you are at the grocery store or in a restaurant, you can’t help but overhear people talking. When you listen in, you can not help but learn so much about the people talking. By their mood you can tell what type of day their having. By their responses you can tell how important the topic is.

When we look at the bible we have the opportunity to do the same. We can listen and see what is important and ask, “What are you trying to teach us Lord?” Over the six Sundays of Lent we are going to “eavesdrop” on Jesus, listen, and ask, “what does this teach us about God and what does it teach us about us?”

Join us on Sunday at Twin City United Methodist Church at 11a.m.

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