The Church Numbers to Track this Year

November 18, 2017

It’s almost the end of the year. Churches are making their budgets for next year. People are stretching their bank accounts for Christmas. Some people are even making goals for next year. I try to make a few personal and professional goals each year. I usually lose them by February. Most of the time my goals end up being focused on things I can not really control.

As pastors we always want to grow our church and further God’s kingdom. The truth is we have very little control over the numerical growth of our churches. However, we can control a few numbers. Here is a list of number I want to focus on in the next year:

  1. The number of people I have to eat inside my house.
  2. The number of 1st time visitors I follow up with at church.
  3. The number of thank you notes I write each week.

What will you be focusing on? Please share!


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