Three Reasons to Read God and the Pandemic

July 23, 2020

I just finished reading N.T. Wright’s latest book God and the Pandemic A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and Its Aftermath. I posted on social media I was reading this book. My post had several people ask for a review.

Instead of a review let me give you three reasons why you should read it.

#1 It is short. I get it, reading theology can seem overwhelming. This is a bright spot for those who are curious about theology but theologians longer works can seem too daunting. This book clocks in at under 80 pages. Just 80 pages and you can brag to all your friends, “I read theology books.”

#2 It is powerful. This book is powerful in that it deals with something we all are all experiencing. The power is also found in how all people of faith have been wondering what God is doing? N.T. does not leave us hanging. He says. “Part of the the answer to the question, ‘Where is God in the pandemic?’ must be, ‘Out there on the front line, suffering and dying to bring healing and hope.'” (p. 68) Wright does a masterful job of explaining not only where is God but what role do believers play now and in the future.

#3 It is apolitical. Here in the USA almost everything about the pandemic has been politicized. It is refreshing to hear a discussion about the pandemic from not only a theologian but someone outside of the USA. Disclaimer: if you view every thing through a political lens I am sure you will find something you consider political.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get grab your copy now.

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