Even Deeper In Prayer: Season Two of the David Donnan

March 8, 2023

Are you looking to deepen your prayer life and connect with God in a more meaningful way? Look no further than season two of the David Donnan Podcast!

In season two, I will be exploring the topic of prayer and sharing insights and practical tips for developing a strong prayer practice. I am calling this season Even Deeper in Prayer. Each episode will feature engaging conversations with experts in the field, as well as personal stories and reflections from me.

Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or just starting to explore the power of prayer, this podcast is for you. I hope to offer a unique perspective and relatable approach making this an accessible and inspiring resource for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual journey.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow in your faith and connect with others who share your passion for prayer. Tune in to the David Donnan Podcast, season two, and join the conversation today!

Check your favorite streaming sources on March 15th for our first episode with Rev. Dr. Ted Goshorn who recently published his first book Prayer Changes Us.

See season one of the podcast here.

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