Is it Really a Divorce?

August 22, 2022

Recently, a well known retired bishop, who has a talent for spicy writing, published an article lamenting a “divorce” in a protestant mainline denomination. In fact, divorce was used over 9 times in the article.

I understand when denominations break apart it can be very difficult. Individuals and churches have to make difficult decisions for many nuanced and individual reasons. Everyone is free to and has their own autonomy to label these seasons in ways they see fit.

However, I would caution on using the most inflammatory language you can think of to describe the situations. As a child of divorce, I find it to be a wildly inaccurate description of what is happening. When two people enter into the covenant of marriage they are making a lifelong commitment.

In the protestant church (Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and more) realignment is a predictable and expected event to happen.

Heartbreaking? Yes, of course it is!

I just hope we can make this season more civil by toning down the language where we can. Let’s elevate the conversation and add value to the discussion!