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Good news everyone! Pastor Charles Houston will be preaching on September 9th at Hagan and Union United Methodist Churches.

In anticipation of Brandy and I’s baby I have scheduled some terrific speakers. Pastor Charles is a retired United Methodist Pastor. He most recently served at Statesboro First United Methodist Church. I was blessed to be an intern and interim youth director for him.

This will be a great Sunday! I know you will not want to miss it.

As I transition to Senior Pastor at Hagan and Union United Methodist Churches I am re-evaluating how to do some things I regularly practiced as a youth director. For one twitter was  one of the main ways to communicate. I imagine I will be still tweeting regularly, but the urgency of tweeting will be probably decline as a primary way of communication as well as move down my priority list. This twitter info-graphic I saw on Orange Leaders blog helped shed some light. Mainly, my main demographic (rural) is not really on twitter. Does this help you consider ways to manage your tweeting?