Last night I heard the news the Rev. Dr. Tim Keller was entering hospice. I spent part of the evening thinking of how this pastor has affected my life.

Moments ago on social media I saw this post:

It has been an up and down medical journey for Dr. Keller since he shared his cancer diagnosis. Now he rests in the Savior’s arms.

Like his life, it appears his death was a way for him to share his faith and model a Christian life.

Recently, I was blessed by his book Jonah: The Prodigal Prophet as I preached through the book of Jonah. In seminary Center Church was required reading. It impacted how I view the church and gospel in regards to the way they affect the city. My wife and I have the Meaning of Marriage Couples Devotional. While commuting to seminary I listened to a whole class of lectures on the now defunct iTunes University called Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World where he taught about his preaching method.

His New York Times Article Am I a Christian, Pastor Timothy Keller? with skeptic Nicholas Kristof is one of my favorite articles. I even quoted it in an article about the Future of Methodism.

In line with his brilliant mind and clear writing was his attitude. I always appreciated how winsome he was for the lost in New York City (and the wider world) without compromising Christianity. He was not afraid to talk about the tensions in faith for thinking Christians. He would have open microphone question and answer session on Sunday nights at his church in New York City for whoever wanted to attend. I never heard him get angry or talk down to anyone.

Christ has blessed me greatly through Dr. Keller’s work. I look forward to continued mentoring from Dr. Keller from his published work.

Over the next few days I will continue to pray for the Family of Tim Keller.

I will also thank God because I am a better Pastor and Christian because of Tim Keller.