Last week I posted about tweeting and ministry. Here’s a response I got on facebook from my buddy Ben.

He got me thinking. What is the best way to leverage my blog for the ministry I will be in. Keep in mind I will be taking over two awesome, small, rural churches where the majority may not be blog readers. With that being said here are a few blogs that I know of and my thoughts towards them.

  1. Ben Gosden’s Friend – as Ben mentioned his friend will blog about the sermon he is planning for the week. I love the idea. I’m not sure if Wednesday would give me enough time to make adequate adjustments. I have seen Andrew Conard post his entire sermon on a public google document and ask for feedback. I love both ideas, but would probably tweak it a little bit.
  2. Ben Gosden’s BlogCovered in the Masters Dust is a great blog. Ben will be a bishop one day if that is what he desires (I called it). He is a really sharp guy. He blogs about the topics dealt with mostly in mainline Christianity, specifically United Methodism, theology, doctrine, and church polity. I love checking out his blog. I highly recommend it, especially for young clergy. I hope to have opinions and ideas on his level one day, but I am simply not there yet. See also John Stephens or Kevin DeYoung.
  3. J.R. Lee – J.R. does an awesome job with his blog. He is probably the closest to what I want to emulate. He does two things really well in my opinion. The first I love his midweek review. He gives a lot of bullet points of things going on in the life of the church. Second he teases the upcoming sermons. Usually it is just the logo and a brief description. He also will put in some random post about books, life, devotion, etc. I could see something similar being beneficial.
  4. Perry NoblePerry does a great job of providing devotional insights and bullet points of things going on in a church. It serves as a great way for the Sr. Pastor to adress all the people in an individual way, even though he could never spend the time with everyone due to the size of his congregation. He is very good at using his blog to challenge and motivate. It probably is not just my natural communication style, but extremely effective. See also Steven Furtick or Brandon Williams.

So all these include some academic, devotional, church development, and doctrine. I’m just trying to find the right mix. Did I describe these right? Did I leave any out? Which do you think will be most helpful?

So today was an awesome day spent at NewSpring Church. One of my great friends, Dorsia Atkinson, is in the NewSpring church’s pastor’s (Perry Noble) coaching network. NewSpring church. They allowed us to sit in on their staff meeting which was awesome.

Also I would be leaving out one of the best details out of the way if I didn’t mention Julie Keith. She was our personal host for the day. She went way above and beyond helping us out. I can honestly say I experienced radical hospitality today.

Here our some quick hits on the day.

  • Vision Leaks – Perry Spent most of the staff meeting talking vision not logistics. It was inspiring and motivating!
  • Love your pastor – You don’t have to agree 100%, but loving and supporting your pastor will allow you to go further faster
  • To work @ NewSpring you have to be tall…really they are all like 7ft tall.
  • Pastor’s should only preach six weeks in a row, “after that you start to sound like a jerk” plus it good to give your pastor some rest.
  • NewSpring is like a huge playground for Christians – You get to hang out and serve with cool people, but most importantly be Jesus to people.

It was great to be around greatness.