When I was in high school I can remember a bird flew into our window of our math class. We all a had a good laugh. We were high schoolers. It was a distraction. We were arrogant teenagers looking down on the stupidity of the bird. One of my friends would later act our the birds miscalculated flight by flapping his wings and running into the window. We were a mess.

A couple of weeks ago I was on a cruise. My wife and I where sitting and looking out at the port we were in when BAM! A bird hit the side of our ship at the top deck where there is mostly glass. Dazed and confused it fluttered down and away. As it turned around, it began to speed back toward the window. My heart sank. I could not believe it was going to make the same mistake again. I was rooting for it to turn back or at least somehow squeeze into a random window, but it did not. This time the mistake was fatal.

I couldn’t believe what happened. It pained me so much, but why? Have I really matured so much since high school? I hope so. I know my love and respect for all God’s creation has improved. Most of all, I think it is my sympathy and experience of crashing into problems we can not see, only to make the same mistake again and again…

Last month Warren Sapp, a former professional football player, filed for bankruptcy. I thought this called for a post becuase Sapp was one of my heros growing up. I was a HUGE Buccaneer fan. At first I wondered what does this mean for my child hood and all the times I wanted to be like Sapp on the field? But then I pulled back said what can I learn from this?

  1. The decisions we make always affect more than just the moment we are in. Our decisions also effect our future, our family, our finances, and maybe even someone who looks up to us.
  2. There are consequences to our actions. Sometimes they are painful, public, and embarrassing.
  3. We can come back. Things are not looking good for Sapp who may be sued for defamation by another football player in the future. I believe Sapp may be down but he is not out. We can always chose to look for the best in people and root for them. I wish Sapp the best.

A Post for Andrew Conard

April 25, 2012

This a post to a twitter buddy of mine, Andrew Conard. Andrew has an outstanding blog that is one of my favorite resources for ministry. One of my favorite post I recommend to pastor friends is his outline and comments on a service of Death and Resurrection.  Also, he gets to hang out with one my heroes, Adam Hamilton. I could not resist responding to this tweet with a post on my blog.

Andrew, thanks for having a great blog and sharing with others! Here are some brief notes on what I would like to hear.

  • I want to know EVERYTHING about your transition. I’ve already enjoyed what you have posted so far. I am so excited to be taking my first appointment at the Hagan/Union charge in the South Georgia Conference, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • I would like to know how your responsibilities will change from working at COR to being a Sr. Pastor at FUMC Eldorado. From going to a big staff to your new staff.
  • What is your vision for your first year? Specifically how much work do you want to put in upfront so that you can leverage that work and connections later on while still having a family life.
  • Strategically what will your goals be early on in sermon planning, vision casting, pastoral care, and corporate development?

I hope that helps! I am humbled you would even ask my opinion. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to hearing what God does through you and your family.