As I transition to Senior Pastor at Hagan and Union United Methodist Churches I am re-evaluating how to do some things I regularly practiced as a youth director. For one twitter was  one of the main ways to communicate. I imagine I will be still tweeting regularly, but the urgency of tweeting will be probably decline as a primary way of communication as well as move down my priority list. This twitter info-graphic I saw on Orange Leaders blog helped shed some light. Mainly, my main demographic (rural) is not really on twitter. Does this help you consider ways to manage your tweeting?

I saw this video of Adam Hamilton addressing young clergy at General Conference. Once again he has made me excited to be a United Methodist. This video is about 15 minutes. Totally worth it if you are concerned about the Methodist Church. Thanks to Ben Gosden for tweeting the link.

A Post for Andrew Conard

April 25, 2012

This a post to a twitter buddy of mine, Andrew Conard. Andrew has an outstanding blog that is one of my favorite resources for ministry. One of my favorite post I recommend to pastor friends is his outline and comments on a service of Death and Resurrection.  Also, he gets to hang out with one my heroes, Adam Hamilton. I could not resist responding to this tweet with a post on my blog.

Andrew, thanks for having a great blog and sharing with others! Here are some brief notes on what I would like to hear.

  • I want to know EVERYTHING about your transition. I’ve already enjoyed what you have posted so far. I am so excited to be taking my first appointment at the Hagan/Union charge in the South Georgia Conference, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  • I would like to know how your responsibilities will change from working at COR to being a Sr. Pastor at FUMC Eldorado. From going to a big staff to your new staff.
  • What is your vision for your first year? Specifically how much work do you want to put in upfront so that you can leverage that work and connections later on while still having a family life.
  • Strategically what will your goals be early on in sermon planning, vision casting, pastoral care, and corporate development?

I hope that helps! I am humbled you would even ask my opinion. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to hearing what God does through you and your family.