This past Sunday my church had it’s first ever online worship service. God stretched our technology muscles for His glory.

One thing we did was ask church members to film them self saying the Apostles Creed, The Lord’s prayer, or reading the scripture.

We have got some great response but also some questions. I made a tutorial video on best practices when filming yourself. Enjoy and please feel free to copy this idea for your church during these times.

Grapich for Cell Phone Worship

Here is the graphic we are using to invite people to participate.

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Brian Russell Tweet

Friends, I am so excited to share that my mentor, Dr. Brian Russell, is offering a free coaching session this Monday, March 23rd, at 12 noon (EST). This is first come first serve so make sure to contact him on twitter or via email at

Dr. Russell’s coaching has greatly helped me go further faster in my leadership and spiritual formation. I can not recommend him highly enough. This will be a session on leading ministry in times of crisis.

Make sure to use the promo code “David Donnan Podcast” in your email or DM to him.

Dr. Russell was also a guest on my podcast. Listen to the episode here.

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Faith and the Coronavirus part 2

I wanted to take a moment to update my Twin City United Methodist Church friends and family about how we as a church will be responding to the coronavirus in upcoming worship services.

We as people of faith in Jesus want to respond out of a deep sense of prayer, faith, and love of God and neighbor. We do not respond out of fear. With this being said the messages from government leaders and healthcare workers are very serious. After consultation with church leaders we have decided to make these temporary adjustments at church.

  1. We will not have our passing of the peace/greeting time. We want to limit the ability for germs to spread.
  2. We are asking everyone to implement a “no hand shake” policy. A polite wave or bow is vital in limiting the spread of germs.
  3. We will have stationary offering plates for you to use before, after, or during the service.
  4. We will not have physical bulletins. We will have digital bulletins available on our Facebook page and website.
  5. Sunday morning coffee will be temporarily suspended. You are more than welcome to bring your own beverage from home with you.
  6. We will have hand sanitizer for when you enter and exit the building. We are also encouraging you to wash your hands frequently.
  7. We will change the way we serve communion. Our next communion service is not until April. We have ordered individually wrapped wafer and juice cups to use if needed.
  8. Please stay home if you are not feeling well. I know church is important. However, we do not want you feel any pressure to attend if you are not feeling well. Please stay home.

All of these measures are temporary. The leaders of our church want to communicate we care for you, our neighbors, and especially the vulnerable.

We are closely monitoring current events. We are considering additional steps if necessary. These might include postponing mid-week events, having on-line worship, and using our prayer phone tree to check on each other.

Grace and Peace,


Other coronavirus resources

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